Jan 08

울산과기대(UNIST)에서 온 외국인 학생들의 템플스테이

Jan 01

2019! Happy New Year

Dec 30

Guests from Sydney. They visited the temple and had a Tea time with Grand master.

Dec 15

2019 Happy New Year Templestay with sunmudo

2019 Happy New Year Templestay with sunmudo
Golgul-sa Temple is called as a Korea’s Dunhuang with twelve Stone Cave Buddha Halls! The temple is the holy place where Master Wonhyo had entered the Nirvana and the World Headquarters of Sunmudo.

The temple, Buddhist cultural heritage site, prepares a special templestay for the new year, the year of Golden Pig according to the lunar calendar.
It is for removing old karma and praying for a healthy and prosperous new year.
You will be experienced various programs such as Sunmudo practing, Dharma Talk with the abbot Buddhist monk over delicious tea, and ect.
The whole programs will make you reflect on yourself in the serene nature.
Please come and enjoy it with your family and others!

Let’s Reserve : templestay.com

Dec 09

골굴사 겨울이 시작되었습니다.

골굴사 겨울이 시작되었습니다.
겨울 내내 화재예방을 위해서 낙엽 쓸어서 버리는 일도 시작이구요.
겨울 초입인 12월 초 템플스테이 사진들입니다.

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