Jan 12

Celebrate 2015 Lunar New Year at Golgulsa Temple

DSC_0272 (1024x681)full moon

We will be hosting our Special 2015 Lunar New Year temple-stay here at Golgulsa and all are welcome to attend!

Our special program will include extras such as mandu making, tea ceremony and playing traditional korean folk games together :)

Come and see in the Lunar New Year with us!!

To make a reservation please send e-mail to d-kumkang@hotmail.com

February 18th – 22nd 2015

You can join us any day during these dates – Check-in 2pm-4pm  Check-out 1pm
Fee : 60,000 won per person / per night
What to Bring : toiletries, towel, comfortable warm clothes,  shoes and alarm!
* Tel : (054)775-1689ㆍ744-1689 *

For Full Schedule see below or attached link here: http://blog.daum.net/d-kumkang/1093

Nov 21

Special Golgulsa 2015 NEW YEAR TEMPLESTAY !!!



We will hold a special templestay program for New Year’s Day 2015. You can see off 2014 and welcome in the year at Golgulsa. We invite everyone to experience our special Templestay program which includes Sunmudo training, meditation, and a beach excursion to watch the first sunrise of 2015.

Come join us Wednesday 31st December 2014!
Fee : 50,000 won a person / per night.
What to Bring : alarm, toiletries, towel, comfortable warm clothes and shoes.

Reservations can be made by email or phone.
Email: d-kumkang@hotmail.com
Tel: 054-775-1689 (English service available between 2 and 5pm, daily).


Wednesday 31st December

2 – 4 pm Check-in

5.10 pm Dinner

5.40 pm Sunmudo Video

6.10 pm Orientation

6.30 pm Evening Chanting

7-8.30 pm Sunmudo Training

9.00 pm (Optional) 1080 bows for New Year

12.00 pm (Optional) Midnight Bell ceremony

Thursday 1st January

5.00 am Wake up

5.30 am Morning Chanting

5.45 am Sitting Meditation

6.00 am Breakfast (dduk gook – traditional rice cake soup)

6.30 am Trip to Gampo Beach

7.10 am Prayer for the New Year Sunrise

10:00 Teatime with Monk

11.00 am Sunmudo Demonstration

11.50 am Lunch

1 pm Check-out



Nov 10

30th Anniversary Martial Arts Festival and Bell Opening Ceremony

This year Martial Arts Festival was an extra special event. Celebrating 30 years of Sunmudo at Golgulsa and the unveiling of our new bell we welcomed many to share in the festivities. There was a special performance by the Grandmaster and the other masters from each Martial Art, great music and wonderful weather too! We look forward to those who will join us again the same time next year! :)

drumDSC_0016SAMSUNG CSCgrandmastersSAMSUNG CSC     french sunmudo (2) french sunmudo gicheonmun   SAMSUNG CSC sunmudo 2 SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

Sep 29




Are you a dedicated, responsible, hard-working individual?
Do you thrive in dynamic environments that require you to give your best everyday?
Are you passionate about your personal growth and development?

Following the challenging lifestyle here at Golgulsa is an rewarding experience to remember forever! Everyday both volunteers and instructors trainees enjoy meditation practice and Sunmudo training sessions. Besides this we have a variety of duties which usually consists of helping run our temple-stay program including activities such as archery, tea-time and community work.
If you are confident in your abilities, open-minded and flexible, in good physical and mental health then our team would greatly appreciate your contribution.

Please consider these key points carefully before applying
1: Volunteer = minimum 6 month commitment / Instructor trainee = 2 years
(male instructor trainee are required to live as a junior monk during year 1)
2: Open to single individuals ONLY and who are committed to remaining so. (Couples are not able to live here and intimate relationships are not permitted.)
3: You do not need to be Buddhist but a knowledge of Buddhist living including basics of Buddhist practice is preferable.
4: Previous mediation experience or consistent practice highly preferable.

To apply please send a recent resume and photo to d-kumkang@hotmail.com
Please state in your email which position you are interested in and provide a brief personal statement that outlines your suitability in relation to the above key points.

Palms Together!
The Golgulsa Family

IMG_2793 IMG_3012 - CopyIMG_3082

Sep 25


******Plus all temple-stay guests receive a 50% discount (25,000₩ per person/night)

Invitation from Grand Master Jeog Un Seol: To be held 25th – 26th October 2014

It is autumn with the beautifully colored sky and cool breezes that lighten up our mind.
The Golgulsa temple has a vivid history of Ven. Wonhyo and 1000 years of the Silla Dynasty, and on this occasion the temple opens a celebration event for “The Anniversary of the 30th Seonmudo public Dharma propagation and 25th year of the establishment of the Golgulsa temple”.
The event will be accompanied by the demonstration by traditional Korean martial arts groups, and the initial tolling ceremony of HwaEomSeongJong commemorating the teachings of Ven. Wonhyo.
We would like to invite you to the temple in Mt. Hamwol, where autumn foliage is at its best, and share the richness and happiness of the fall. Please take a break from your busy life and visit us to grace the occasion with your presence.
I wish you all fulfillment and prosperity.
Palms Together.
(Please email us at: d-kumkang@hotmail.com to make your reservation)

Martial Arts Festival 1


Martial Arts Festival 2


Martial Arts Festival 3

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