Aug 09

Golgulsa 2014 Chuseok Celebration is coming!!

At Golgulsa we are now offering our Special Chuseok Templestay 2014 Program. We welcome anyone to come and join us here to experience the special additions to the program with performances of Sunmudo and Seon Mudra Dance. Participate in group moonlight meditation beside Hamwol mountain. We will also pick pine needles from the forest together and then make –and eat  – Songpyeon – traditional Korean rice cake. You will be able to take part in the Memorial Service for Ancestors and have fun with traditional Korean folk games! :)

We would love to welcome you here for a night or for the entire holiday. You can reserve via our website registration form or by emailing us at

Dates: Any number of nights between 6th September – 9th September (check-in 2pm to 4pm)

Cost: 50,000 won per person/ per night

Bring: Toiletries, towel, t-shirt, socks, alarm and comfortable shoes.


Jul 30

The two-year-anniversary of German Sunmudo school.

Dear martial arts friends – anjonghasejo!

With great joy and filled with thankfulness I send you today some pictures from the two-year-anniversary of our German Sunmudo school.
The school mandala was shown for the first time to the public, and our first student, Oliver, finished his last Kup-test and is now in the one-year-lasting process of preparing himself for the first Dan.
He will be the first German, who learned and trained Sunmudo in Germany and will – hopefully – pass the Dan-test next spring.
There have been also regulary Kup-tests. 12 students managed to pass these tests.
Shifu Serge Seguin from the Shaolin-Kungfu School “Blue dragon”, came to support us with his traditional “Lion-dance”-group from Munich. For the first time the “Shaolin-Lion-dance” was shown in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
We have had many guests and good food, tea, cake and coffee had been served to our guests – among them leaders of other martial-arts-schools.

So, please join our happiness and thankfulness! J

Best wishes from your student and friend Axel / Hae Woal from Germany





Jul 12

Golgulsa moments – enjoying the Summer together!!

Here at Golgulsa during summer life and energy are present everywhere and we love to enjoy this time together. Come and join us anytime and have chance to reconnect with nature and your true self. Life is short, live every moment to the full :)







IMG_3371 - Copy







Jul 12

Denmark Sunmudo Seminar 2014

The Grandmaster recently held a Sunmudo Seminar in Denmark where he had the opportunity to share Sunmudo and even time to see some sites. A big thank you to Jimmy Nakel and family for their hospitality. He was happy to share Sunmudo with the Danish people who he felt had a warm and beautiful countryside.

Grandmaster seminar

Grandmaster seminar_1-2

Grandmaster seminar_1-3






Jul 08

Golgulsa Summer Youth Camp 2014 Starts Soon!


During the summer season, we offer Summer Camp to school children. Children are a poignant display of growth and energy, and just having them at the temple is loads of fun!

They have the opportunity to learn horse riding, archery, traditional drumming (nanta), and folk singing. They participate in chanting and 108 bows every morning. Every evening, they take time to reflect on their days and what they have learned. And, of course, they do Sunmudo.
During their stay we update the Korean sunmudo blog daily, so if you want to keep current on the pictures, check often >>>

The camp will run from Sunday 20th July – Sunday 17th August
Price list = 350,000 won (1 week) 700,000 won (2 weeks) and 1,100,000 won (4 weeks)

For further information please contact our english speaking staff at

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