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Sep 17

‘Golgulsa Templestay – episode 3’ on KBS

골굴사 템플스테이 3부 – KBS 6시 내고향 “로미나 고미호의 한국속으로” -8월 22일 방영 ‘Golgulsa Templestay – episode 3’ on KBS 다시보기,1,1_list003,2.html?searchStatus=0&articleIndex=7&vosample=¤tUrl=,1,1_list003,2.html

Sep 06

‘Golgulsa Templestay – episode 2’ on KBS

다시보기,1,1_list003,2.html?searchStatus=0&articleIndex=1&vosample=¤tUrl=,1,1_list003,2.html 골굴사 템플스테이 2부 – KBS 6시 내고향 “로미나 고미호의 한국속으로” -8월 15일 방영

Sep 06

2017 Chuseok templestay

2017 추석 템플스테이

Sep 06

20th August ~25th August,The Federation of Dutch Martial Arts practice Sunmudo at Golgulsa

8월 20일~8월 25일 네델란드 무술협회

Aug 12

Wikipidia- Great Master Wonhyo

Wonhyo wrote commentaries on virtually all of the most influential Mahayana scriptures. He is known as one of the greatest monks who wrote over 100 different books however only 22 of them still exist. Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana’ in two volumes, ‘The Vajrasamadhi-sutra’ in three volumes and ‘The reconciliation theory on the Ten …

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