Korea MA Tour

Staying at Temple, Training Center & Studio : 2nights 3days ($140USD/140,000KRW)

There are three ways to experience the Korean Martial Arts Tour.
One is Sunmudo at Golgulsa temple in Gyeongju. Another is Taekkyeon at the Training Center in Chungju.
The other is Tae Kwon Mu, Dance of Taekwondo Martial Art, at the Taekwonmu Studio in Gwangju (in southern Jeolla Province). Each place is equipped with modern accomodations and provides tasty meals.

You can choose the place and date.

We can provide tours of cultural attractions nearby Golgulsa Temple in Gyeongju, the Training Center in Chungju and the Taekwonmu Studio in Gwangju. We can guide you, but you have to pay for transportation costs between cities and the entrance fee of each attraction.

For further information on any of these programs please see the links below:




Sunmudo Templestay – Gyeongju

Gyeongju was the capital of Silla Kingdom and Unified Silla Dynasty for about 1,000years, AD57~BC935. Gyeongju has countless cultural heritages. The entire area of Namsan mountain is dubbed an outdoor museum, around which a variety of cultural heritages are scattered all over the city. you can enjoy various tours lasting from half a day up …

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Taekkyeon Gymstay – Chungju

“Taekkyeon” is a traditional Korean Martial Arts that makes use of fluid, rhythmic dance-like movements to strike or trip up an opponent. The graceful movements of a well-trained Taekkyeon performer are gentle and circular rather than straight and rigid. The feet play as important a role as the hands. In spite of its gentle impression, …

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Work, Taemujeong, in the Gwangju Culture & Art Center 2

TaeKwonMu Farmstay – Gwangju

‘Artistic taekwondo’ purifies the trainees body · spirit · soul Its lofty goal is to bring peace to human beings. hyong-ik – philosophy (弘益思想) and pyong-ryu – spirit (風流精神) can help bring constructive change in our world, as we become more open to a sense of Mystery and Cosmic Origins. Tae Kwon Mu was created …

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