Here we have provided you with photos and videos for your enjoyment, as well as materials you can download for free. We hope they come in useful when you return home and allow you to share your experience with others! 🙂


Buddhist Materials

Here you will find a translation of the sutras that are chanted during the Temple Stay program and some material on Buddhism. Daily Chanting English Translation Daily Chanting English Transliteration 108 Bows Temple 108 bows english translation 108 bows – alternative version Why 108 bows? The 108 prostrations represent our basic mental sufferings. These sufferings …

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Sunmudo movies

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480x320_Android phone_Shadows


We prepared some wallpapers for you. Please check out the dother pages for different themes. To find out resloution you need please put the cursor over the image. The available resolutions are: Alphabetical: Android phone (most common) 800 x 480 Android phone (2nd common) 480 x 320 Android tablet (most common) 1024 x 600 Android …

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