Jun 12

youtube>> Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony in Golgulsa

Jun 08

youtube>> Workshop of Sunmudo Belt Holders, the first half of 2020

Jun 03

youtube>> The 57th Sunmudo Dan Test

This video is to introduce the 57th Sunmudo Belt Test.
Many people domestically and overseas were not able to attend due to COVID -19.
Nevertheless the Sunmudo students performed very successfully and their dedication to practice Sunmudo was very high.

May 27

youtube>> 57th Sunmudo Dan :: Test Grandmaster’s Dharma talk & 4th Dan Presentation

Hi everyone,
Golgul-sa is the Headquarters of World Sunmudo Federation.
This video is about Grand master’s Dharma Talk in the 57th Sunmudo Dan Test.
We’re going to update the Dan Test video.
Sunmudo is the path of attaining enlightenment through harmonizing body, mind, and breathing.

May 23

youtube>>Celebration of Teacher’s Day

The Sunmudo students show their respect and admiration for the Grand master and his great teachings. We hope he will continue to lead us for a long time. We all admire him greatly.

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