Aug 18

Special Templestay for Chuseok

Special Templestay for Chuseok
Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, Templestay of Golgul-sa
“Moving Meditation with embracing a full moon”

Golgul-sa has been embracing a millennium smile and moonlight.
You can experience amazing Templestay with the fragrance of Seon under the moonlight of the Golgul-sa on the Hamweolsan Mountain. You will be able to practice Sunmudo, traditional martial arts of Buddhist monks, and Moonlight Meditation with feeling breath of Seon.
Please feel comfortable and peaceful spirit of the Rock- covered Buddha statue with a millennium smile under the beautiful full moonlight on the mountain.

Please come and join us. Don’t hesitate!

When: September 12 (Thur.)~ 15 (Sun.)
Minimum 2 days 1 night
Maximum 4 days 3 nights